David Schwimmer lookalike faces arrest for skipping court date

David Schwimmer lookalike faces arrest for skipping court date
David Schwimmer lookalike faces arrest for skipping court date

A DAVID Schwimmer lookalike is being hunted by cops for the second time after failing to appear in court over fraud charges that sparked a hilarious police appeal.

Abdulah Husseini’s picture from CCTV was circulated nationwide after he was caught on CCTV after allegedly using a stolen bank card to buy alcohol.

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But the police appeal quickly went viral, with many suggesting the suspect looked like the American actor David Schwimmer who plays Ross Geller in the hit soap Friends.

Schwimmer himself even got in the act by posting a picture of himself carry a crate of beers.

Since the appeal, Husseini was eventually traced arrested and charged in the Slough area and bailed to attend Blackpool,Lancs magistrates court today.

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He failed to turn up and District Judge Jane Goodwin issued a warrant for his arrest.

Prosecutor Carl Gaffney successfully applied for the warrant.

Husseini was not legally represented.

Abdulah Husseini, 36, of Slough, Berkshire faced five charges.

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The first was the theft of a leather wallet and its contents belonging to Charleace (crrct) Carr and Wesley Grant on September 29 this year.

The wallet contained a Halifax contactless bank card , a provisional driving licence ,a mobile phone and £298 cash.The contents were valued at £503.


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