Bloomberg Unveils Economic Plan to create jobs

Bloomberg Unveils Economic Plan to create jobs
Bloomberg Unveils Economic Plan to create jobs

Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg unveils economic plan during Akron stop.

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday announced a plan to create jobs and boost the economy in communities he says have been “short-changed” by President Donald Trump.

His plan, dubbed the “All-In Economy” agenda, includes measures to raise the national minimum wage, promote collective bargaining rights for gig workers, education and training for community college students, public-private-academic partnerships, and community investments.

“I know that our economy is working fine for people like me — and people like Donald Trump,” Bloomberg told reporters Tuesday. “But it is badly broken for the vast majority of Americans.”

Trump is “counting on the economy to lift him to victory — and he’s hoping to face a career politician who’s never created any jobs.”

The former New York City mayor spent Wednesday traveling to Illinois, Minnesota and Ohio to talk about his economic plan, which he says will target both urban and rural areas.

An outline of the plan on his campaign website says he plans to train millions of adults with “valuable skills for good jobs and careers,” while investing billions to help create jobs and increase salaries.

“As part of this, Mike will launch a major public research and development initiative in industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and medicine – to create jobs and reward cities with the best plans for inclusive growth,” the outline reads.

Bloomberg seeks to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit. He also plans to increase access to affordable childcare, paid family leave, the right for people to sue employers for harassment and discrimination.


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