Bre Payton dies suddenly Friday at age 26

Bre Payton dies suddenly Friday at age 26
Bre Payton dies suddenly Friday at age 26

The 26-year-old writer and broadcaster passed away Friday after being found unresponsive by a friend.

Fox News commentator and Federalist writer Bre Payton has died after being found unconscious with two sudden illnesses.

On Friday, The Federalist announced the 26-year-old’s death, which occurred that day in San Diego after she fell sick.

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The publication mourned her death, saying it is “heartbroken and devastated” over the news.

“Bre brightened the lives of everyone around her,” the statement said. “She was joyful, hard-working, and compassionate, and she leaves behind friends and colleagues for whom she brought nothing but sweetness and light.”

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Fox, which also reported on the death, pointed to a post earlier this month on Payton’s Twitter account in which she asked followers to tune into her One America News broadcast, a right-wing outlet where she also worked.


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