Coronavirus USA Update: New York City deaths near 1,000

Coronavirus USA Update: New York City deaths near 1,000
Coronavirus USA Update: New York City deaths near 1,000

New York City’s Health Department released new figures about its growing COVID-19 cases showing that 914 have died from the virus.

This was a jump of 124 coronavirus fatalities from a Health Department report issued earlier in the day.

Overall, the city has 38,087 confirmed cases, the Health Department said.

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The mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts, said the city is grief-stricken following the death of 11 residents of a local veteran’s home.

Officials said that at least five residents of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke had died from COVID-19 and that authorities were still waiting for test results from five more of the deceased.

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Eleven other residents of the Western Massachusetts facility have also been diagnosed with the virus.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced it had placed the home’s superintendent on administrative leave following the deaths.

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“To the families who have lost a loved one, know that all of Holyoke shares your grief,” said Mayor Alex Morse, who ordered that flags in the city be lowered to half mast in honor of those who died.


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