Delta’s ‘parallel reality’ display sounds like sci-fi, Report

Delta's 'parallel reality' display sounds like sci-fi, Report
Delta's 'parallel reality' display sounds like sci-fi, Report

Today you arrive at the airport and there’s a big display that shows dozens of flights with their status. But what if that screen showed only your flight, your name and your gate and an arrow showing you where to go?

Does that sound rude to everyone else? Don’t worry. Everyone else around you will also only see personalized info on the same display at the same time. Without augmented reality glasses or holding up your smartphone to the screen. Really.

That’s the promise of Parallel Reality, a beta experience Delta Air Lines is bringing to customers this year in partnership with Misapplied Sciences. I got a demo of this technology in action here at CES 2020, and it’s the most mind-blowing thing I’ve experienced in years.

Our demo started with us standing in front of a screen with little statues of landmarks in front of us. And the other people around me saw pictures of different destinations than I did on the screen that corresponded with those cities, such as Paris or Tokyo.

I can’t stress this enough. The person standing next to me saw something different than I did even though we were looking at the same display. Delta says that when the technology is rolled out that up to 100 travelers will be able to view personalized content on screen at a given time.

After that it was time to check in to my virtual flight to Paris. After scanning my boarding pass, cameras above me detected my body shape and displayed a message about my flight:

“Hello Mark! Your flight to Paris is on time at Gate A9, boarding in 30 min at 12:06 PM.” And the woman next to me saw here own message.

Delta then showed me the message I would see after I landed:

“Welcome to Paris, Mark! Pick up you luggage at Baggage Carousel 9.”


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