Nutella factory temporarily closes, over ‘quality’ problem

Nutella factory temporarily closes, over 'quality' problem
Nutella factory temporarily closes, over 'quality' problem

The world’s biggest Nutella factory has been temporarily closed over a “quality issue”.

Production lines in Viller-Ecalles, northwest France have been halted as the group investigates the cause of the problem.

The factory produces 600,000 pots of the spread a day, a quarter of global output. Jars already shipped are unaffected and supplies will continue to be available, Italian company Ferrero, which makes Nutella, said in a statement to the AFP news agency.

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An investigation is underway into the problem and the factory will remain closed in the meantime.

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Ferrero has seen sales double in the past decade as its sweet treats won new fans.

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However, its flagship product, which contains 56% sugar, has fallen victim to French laws which force supermarkets to charge more for branded goods in order to ensure fair payments to farmers.


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