Stella Wong latest: Toronto police find body believed

Stella Wong latest: Toronto police find body believed
Stella Wong latest: Toronto police find body believed

A body located in a wooded area near the Don River is believed to be that of a woman who went missing last night, according to Toronto police.

The remains were found shortly after 9 a.m.

“Uniformed officers located the body of a female, which we believe at this time to be Stella Wong,” Det. Anthony Paoletta explained.

Police have not positively identified the remains or the cause of death.

Stella Wong, 45, was last seen at around 7 p.m. on Crothers Woods Trail, near Redway Road.

She had been hiking with a friend.

“Stella was here with a companion yesterday, and at some point in time got separated,” Paoletta said.

Wong and her companion left their vehicles in a parking lot by a Loblaws on Redway Road before making their way to the trail on foot.

The search was launched on Sunday evening.

Police noted in a tweet on Monday morning that they were “very concerned for her safety.”

The temperature in the area would have been below zero overnight.

The coroner has attended the scene. Divisional officers have now security the area and are investigating.

According to Paoletta, there are no signs to indicate trauma.

“There is no information to indicate that foul play is something we need to consider”, he added.

Wong’s longtime friend, Ian Wylie, told CTV News Toronto that “something doesn’t seem right,” as she was part of a mountain biking group and knew the trails in the area very well.

“She came here all the time,” he said. “She parked in the same spot every time. And she would ride up and down these trails.”

Wylie said that he is heartbroken to hear that the body found near the Don River may be that of his friend.

“The fact that this has happened at Christmas is devastating to begin with. But, I’ve been out in this trail system for years, I’ve ridden with her. She was the nicest person in the world.”

Police said Wong’s hiking companion has been cooperating with the investigation.


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