Students buy colorblind teacher glasses (generous gift)

Students buy colorblind teacher glasses (generous gift)
Students buy colorblind teacher glasses (generous gift)
Students buy colorblind teacher glasses (generous gift)
Students buy colorblind teacher glasses (generous gift)

Students buy colorblind teacher glasses (generous gift).

You hear so much these days about students not respecting their teachers, but one group of students in America has decided to show their teacher just how much he means to them.

High school musical director Tyler Henderson from Alabama was brought to tears after his students surprised him with an unexpected and generous gift.

The teacher is currently directing Lee High School’s musical of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and his students worked on the production they found out he was colourblind and wanted to do something special.

The thoughtful high schoolers raised money through donations to buy their beloved teacher enchroma glasses, which allow colourblind people to see red colours.

In a heartwarming clip, which was shared on YouTube by LEEgion Media, the students lead Henderson into a balloon-filled auditorium before breaking into a song from the production and presented their teacher with a banner that read: “You helped us see our colors. Now we’re helping you see yours.”

Then Henderson put on his new glasses. “Do they work?” a student shouted from the audience.

“They work,” he responded in amazement, taking in the kaleidoscope of colour around him as students rushed to embrace him in a group hug.

“I was really really overwhelmed. I couldn’t really hold it in,” Henderson told WHNT. “And I just tried– the only thing I tried to say to as many of them as possible was that I loved them and how grateful I was, and that was about the only words I was able to get out at the time.”

According to Colour Blind Awareness, colour blindness affects roughly one in 12 men and one in 200 women in the world. There are three main types of colour blindness: Red-green colour blindness is the most common, followed by blue-yellow colour blindness and total colour blindness.

For example, a red-green colour blind person will confuse blue and purple because they can’t see the red element of the colour purple. And for a blue-yellow colour blind person, blue appears greener and it can be difficult to tell yellow and red from pink. People with total colour blindness don’t experience colour at all and the clarity of their vision may also be affected.

In recent years colour-corrective glasses like the pair Henderson received have allowed millions of people to see colour for the first time, literally changing the way their see the world and brightening their lives.

While it’s a life-changing experience for many, some people who have lived their whole lives colourblind find the sudden onslaught of colour a shock to the system and prefer to only wear their glasses sporadically.


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