Texas restaurant receives $9400 tip from generous customer, Report

Texas restaurant receives $9400 tip from generous customer, Report
Texas restaurant receives $9400 tip from generous customer, Report

With restaurants closing all over the country, many employees are left wondering how they will continue to support themselves. Luckily for one Texas restaurant, one of their regulars wasn’t going to let them go through this without a little help. The man, who recently ate a modest meal at the restaurant, left a tip of $9,400 to help the restaurant during the coronavirus outbreak.

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The staff at Irma’s Southwest in Houston wasn’t sure what was to come as the city has forced restaurants to shut down their dining area. According to the restaurant’s owner, Louis Galvan, the staff’s stress was eased a bit recently thanks to a generous customer. ““It was a regular – a regular of the restaurant for about 15 years. He came in and had a modest dinner of shrimp tacos and then left a $9,400 gratuity,” said Galvan.

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Thanks to the man’s generous tip, the staff can continue working as the restaurant will now stay open for delivery and takeout. As for the man’s reasoning for the tip, Galvan said “he came down here specifically to do that and wish us the best of luck.” It’s that type of generosity that will help everyone get through these difficult times.


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