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Snowshoe hares eat meat, other hares and even lynx

"It's weird seeing a bunny … just kind of getting its head right into the side carcass of another rabbit and consuming meat," said...

Russia LinkedIn Ban: What Will Happen To 5m Russian Users?

As a result of the decision of a legislative body in Moscow, Russia bans LinkedIn. The Russian court announced this decision as the website...

Kim Jong-un sends ‘get well soon’ wishes for South’s coronavirus battle

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a letter expressing hope for South Korea to overcome a coronavirus outbreak, President Moon Jae-in's office says,...

Alzheimer’s link to herpes virus in brain, says new study

Researchers Find Herpes Viruses In Brains Marked By Alzheimer's Disease. The viruses, best known for causing a distinctive skin rash in young children, are abundant...

Glenn Close Oscar dress weighing THREE STONE

The 2019 Oscars brought a lot of fashion that people can't stop talking about, but the heaviest gown of the night might just belong...