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Ghost species of chimpanzees found hidden in bonobo’s genome

A new ‘ghost species’ of chimpanzee which roamed the forests of central Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago has been detected through genetic...

Coronavirus Global: Google launches ‘community mobility reports’ during pandemic

Google is launching a tool that will publicly track people's movements amid the coronavirus pandemic, allowing health officials to check whether their communities are...

Dog Found ALIVE beneath rubble – nine days after Italy Earthquake

A DOG has been found alive under mountains of rubble, days after an earthquake flattened an entire Italian town. Firefighters freed a golden retriever named...

Coronavirus Updates: WHO warns against ‘immunity passports’

In response to some governments suggesting that detection of COVID-19 antibodies could serve as the basis of an "immunity passport" that would allow people...

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Trudeau’s wife given all clear

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife, has been given a clean bill of health after previously testing positive for coronavirus. She said...