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Australia wombat selfies, visitors asking them to not “chase”

Australia wombat selfies, visitors asking them to not “chase”. Visitors to a remote Tasmanian island are being urged to stop taking selfies with wombats. Maria Island,...

Canada regulate medical devices: more transparently report

Minister of Health on the Regulation of Medical Devices in Canada. Calling the reforms a “priority,” Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said she has directed Health...

Irish Genome Sequenced, Revealing Early Celtic Origins : says new Research

Ancient Irish genomes show mass migration to Emerald Isle from Middle East and Europe. Genome sequencing and DNA analysis of the remains of people living...

British spies ‘are bugging Brexit talks’: EU Reports

EU Suspects UK Intel of Bugging Brexit Talks. EU negotiators fear the British secret service may have bugged talks on the United Kingdom’s pullout from...

Vaccine for honey bees seeks to save dying pollinators (Reports)

First-Ever Honey Bee Vaccine Offers Hope for Pollinators and Fruit Growers. A growing number of honey bees die each year due to pesticides, vanishing habitats,...