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Alien Megastructure Star’s Dimming Can’t Be Explained By Natural Causes (Research)

We might have thought that the long-term dimming of “alien megastructure” star, Tabby's Star, had been put to rest as a calibration error, but...

Two-year contracts: End to cellphone discounts means more flexibility for consumers

8th January 2016 is when AT&T plans to bring in their "price simplification effort" that will end the two-year-contract and the subsidies on the...

Bobsled fatality inquiry report into sledding deaths

Twin brothers were killed when they attempted to ride down the tracks at night along with six friends in 2016. The Alberta government has released...

Jack Whitehall faces massive backlash as Disney’s ‘first gay man’

Jack Whitehall receives huge backlash over reports he's set to star as Disney's first openly gay character. After announcing his role as the first major...

Wisconsin DHS launching COVID-19 vaccine registry, Report

In just a matter of weeks, Wisconsin residents will be able to start scheduling an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine online. Beginning on March 1,...