5-year-old boy breaks six world records (Reports)

5-year-old boy breaks six world records (Reports)
5-year-old boy breaks six world records (Reports)
5-year-old boy breaks six world records (Reports)
5-year-old boy breaks six world records (Reports)

A boy dubbed a ‘five-year-old Schwarzenegger’ has broken six world records after a marathon session of 3,202 consecutive press-ups.

Little Rakhim Kurayev did 1,000 press-ups in just 40 minutes 57 seconds and 2,000 press-ups in 1 ho
ur 30 minutes to propel himself into the record books.

The boy’s impressive feat has been hailed as a first by Russian records supremos.

The leader of his native Chechnya, strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, claimed the kindergarten school pupil secured five other world records.

A video of the boy’s record-breaking session showed the former warlord crouching down to cheer Ramzan on through his hand-stand press-ups.

When he completed the feat Kadyrov congratulated him by shaking his hand and presenting him with a medal.

Kadyrov said: ‘I did not in the least doubt that he would manage to repeat his record in the presence of the Commission of the Book of Records of Russia.’

The bearded ruler added: ‘He did 1,000 press-ups in the shortest time – 40 minutes 57 seconds; 2,000 press-ups in the shortest time – 1 hour 30 minutes 47 seconds; the largest number of press ups in one hour – 1,419 times; as well as the biggest number of press-ups in 2 hours – 2,559 times and, finally, he did 3,000 push-ups in the shortest time – 2 hours 22 minutes 9 seconds.’

Rakhim Kurayev was earlier awarded a brand new Mercedes by a close lieutenant of Vladimir Putin in honour of his physical prowess.

Ramzan Kadyrov, also gifted the boy a visit to a major toy shop where he could acquire ‘everything he wanted’.

He opted for toy cars to add to his real one – along with a Spiderman.

A video shows the child scooping up presents for himself and his brother and sister.

An earlier attempt when Rakhim had reportedly managed 4,105 non-stop press-ups in 2 hours 25 minutes was not counted, because of problems with video footage of the achievement.

It was after this performance that Kadyrov personally presented him with a Mercedes.

On giving him the £28,000 car, Kadyrov said: ‘Let your father drive you around on this, you’re worthy of riding a white Mercedes.’

He added: ‘The boy did the impossible.We agreed to meet at a fitness centre and have a workout together.’

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