83-year-old punter fights off three armed robbers at TAB (Photo)

83-year-old punter fights off three armed robbers at TAB (Photo)
83-year-old punter fights off three armed robbers at TAB (Photo)
83-year-old punter fights off three armed robbers at TAB (Photo)
83-year-old punter fights off three armed robbers at TAB (Photo)

Fearless 83-Year-Old Punter Fights Off Three Armed Robbers At Bookmakers.

This is the moment a heroic 83-year-old punter foils a robbery at a bookmakers in Ireland and chases them out of the shop.

Great-grandfather Denis O’Connor fought off the robbers, who were armed with hammers and wearing hoods and balaclavas, at the betting shop in Glanmire, Co Cork.

As the attackers fled the shop Mr O’Connor kicked one of them in the backside on his way out.

The footage of the thwarted raid was caught on CCTV at around 6.30pm on Saturday evening, the MailOnline reported.

At the start of the clip punters are seen watching TV screens while the shop manager, Tim Murphy, sits behind a counter.

Suddenly three attackers burst in, wielding hammers and wearing hooded tracksuits, before one of them leaps on the counter as Mr Murphy tries to flee.

As the attempted robbers threaten Mr Murphy, 83-year-old Mr O’Connor calmly walks around the back and approaches them from behind.

Exploiting their surprise, he wrestles one of the hooded attackers before chasing him back towards the door.

Meanwhile the manager can be seen struggling with another attacker while the third – who is holding what could be a gun – waits on the other side of the room.

Mr O’Connor then picks up a chair to chase two of the thugs away, before the third gives up trying to overcome Mr Murphy and heads towards the door.

On his way out the great-grandfather gives him a firm kick in the backside.

Mr O’Connor said he “didn’t really think about it” and “just wanted to help” shop manager Mr Murphy, the Irish Independent reported.

“When I saw them confronting him, I just acted,” he said.

A Twitter user called Gary shared the video online where it has been viewed more than half a million times.

He said: “Look at this auld lad. Say he was hard as nails in his day! Not a bother to him getting involved.”

Gardai are appealing for information, including any further footage, as they investigate the attempted robbery.

They have asked members of the public who saw a black saloon vehicle, described as either an Audi A4 or a VW Passat, to get in touch.

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