Albertsons COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Near You

Albertsons COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Near You
Albertsons COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Near You

Safeway and Albertsons stores are joining in on the race to get people vaccinated here locally.

Each location got 100 doses and they expect to receive about 100 more at the beginning of next week. Almost all Safeways and Albertsons in the area are participating, so each individual location is receiving the allotment.

We spoke to Jill McGinnis with Safeway, who said that so far, things are running smoothly and they haven’t had any issues.

“Great, actually, in the Eugene area specifically,” McGinnis said. “I heard this morning that all of the appointments in stores had been filled up so each Albertsons and Safeway received about a hundred doses last week.”

Appointments opened up Thursday night. If you’re eligible you can sign up for vaccine appointments on their websites. For the Albertsons site, click here. For the Safeway site, click here.

They have a scheduler that asks you some questions and helps find a store near you.

There is also a questionnaire you fill out to determine if you’re eligible.

The scheduler will reopen next week for appointments after they receive the next shipment of doses.

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