Alfie Evans Gifts Stolen from hospital memorial tree

Alfie Evans Gifts Stolen from hospital memorial tree
Alfie Evans Gifts Stolen from hospital memorial tree
Alfie Evans Gifts Stolen from hospital memorial tree
Alfie Evans Gifts Stolen from hospital memorial tree

Gifts ‘stolen from memorial tree’ for Alfie Evans near Alder Hey hospital.

The family of Alfie Evans have been left heartbroken after gifts left at his memorial tree were taken, supporters of the youngster have said.

Posting images of the memorial tree which is located near Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, a member of the Alfie’s Army Facebook group condemned the “extremely disrespectful act” and appealed for the tributes to be replenished.

“We admin are sorry to say we have been made aware of people stealing gifts left for Alfie at his memorial tree.”

“Army members left various gifts for our beautiful fighter and this breaks not only our hearts, but Alfie’s families hearts that some people have done this extremely disrespectful act,” they said.

Alfie died at the Liverpool hospital on April 28 and his funeral was held last week. He was 23 months old.

Alfie’s parents had fought a much-publicised legal battle to take him abroad for treatment for a degenerative brain condition, but were ultimately prevented from doing so by the courts.

In the hours after his death, members of Alfie’s Army began leaving teddy bears, balloons, flowers, cards and candles at a tree in Springfield Park.

The tree’s lower trunk was eventually surrounded by tributes, with many the colour purple and the blue of Everton Football Club.

The supporter said on Thursday: “It would be lovely if army members could still please take their gifts to Alfie’s tree and if possible make sure our beautiful Alfie’s tree remains the lovely memorial it originally was”

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  1. I wanted to come to Liverpool and tell you the truth but Alfie’s life was more important than our death and family suffering. We know your grief, we know your anger and we cannot console with words to say things will get better. This moment in your life will scare you and many others for life.
    Helen Sheila Cowley was a victim too, if you believe she will be there with Alfie 2 of many victims of a ruthless NHS.

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