Anthea ring: Britain’s most famous abandoned baby

Anthea ring: Britain’s most famous abandoned baby
Anthea ring: Britain’s most famous abandoned baby
Anthea ring: Britain’s most famous abandoned baby
Anthea ring: Britain’s most famous abandoned baby

Anthea ring abandoned at nine-months old in 1937 learns the identity of her father after scientists test DNA on the back of a stamp.

In August 1937, nine-month-old Anthea Ring, now a happily married gran, was found bound and naked under a blackberry bush.

Her case shocked the country but despite a nationwide search police were unable to trace her parents.

After DNA finally solved the riddle, a delighted Anthea, 81, said: “I feel like I have some closure. It’s wonderful.”

Anthea made front page news when a mum and daughter found her, covered in scratches, on the highest point of the South Downs in Sussex.

It’s thought she had been left for up to four hours. After six months in hospital, she was adopted by a loving family in Surrey.

Anthea, who learnt she was the blackberry baby aged 24, has spent 35 years searching for her birth parents.

Six years ago DNA narrowed down her dad to one of six brothers from the Coyne family in Co Galway, Ireland.

Scientists could not say who it was until 30-year-old letters from one brother, Patrick, were found and saliva on a stamp confirmed he was her father.

Anthea, of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, said: “Being able to track down my family has been incredible.”

Although Patrick has died she is now in contact with his wider family.

The DNA search was overseen by David Nicholson, of Living DNA, who said: “Stamps and other ­materials containing DNA, such as hair from a brush, can provide vital evidence.”

In 2016 experts traced her deceased mother’s identity and roots to County Mayo, and ­discovered she is 92% Irish.

Anthea said earlier: “I know I was born in ­Kensington and someone looked after me for a long time.

“Even if my mother left me, there must have been dire ­circumstances to make her do it.

“And I was catapulted into a very loving family. So I have nothing to grumble about at all.”

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