Australia’s coronavirus death toll climbs to 108, Report

Australia's coronavirus death toll climbs to 108, Report
Australia's coronavirus death toll climbs to 108, Report

Death toll of coronavirus in Australia has reached 108 after a man died in Victoria.

Authorities in Victoria on Sunday announced that the latest death is a man in his 70s. It followed the death of a man in his 90s a day before.

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As of Sunday there had been 9,796 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia, an increase of 243 from Saturday.

There were 273 new cases in Victoria, but 34 previously diagnosed cases were reclassified, resulting in a net increase of 239.

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Nick Coatsworth, Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO), told reporters that the second wave of infections in Victoria was affecting younger people, and there was lower hospitalization rate than the first wave.

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“The demographic of the second wave has dropped. They are younger,” he said. He said that health authorities around the country were on “high alert” for a second wave in other states.


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