Bald eagle OK after getting caught in car’s grill [Photo]

Bald eagle OK after getting caught in car's grill [Photo]
Bald eagle OK after getting caught in car's grill [Photo]

A bald eagle is lucky to be alive after getting stuck in a car grill.

A driver reported that the bald eagle flew in front of an oncoming vehicle and got stuck in the grill, WTHR reported.

The witness thought the eagle was a prop at first but then noticed the head was moving.

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The witness, then, quickly chased the other car down, notified him that he had a bird stuck in his grill, and called 911, CNN reported.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office and Clay Fire Rescue responded and pulled the bird out from the grill.

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Clay County officials said that the bird was turned over to B.E.A.K.S. (Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary).

B.E.A.K.S.’s owner Cynthia Mosling told CNN that the bird is mature male and about 7 years old.

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Rescuers named the bird Matthew after the hurricane.

Matthew is “standing up and alert” and doesn’t seem to have any serious injuries, Mosling said.

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