Barrymore crying picture: ‘Some days are difficult’

Barrymore crying picture: 'Some days are difficult'
Barrymore crying picture: 'Some days are difficult'

Drew Barrymore is pretty much the O.G. honest celebrity. (Remember when she said her dark circles made her look like a “ghoul”?) She’s been keeping it real since practically forever—way before Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook even existed. So, when Drew talks about something, people listen. Now, she’s got a new project she’s working on, and she wants everyone to join in.

“I wanted to present something. I showed up at my kids’ school a little bit late this morning in some sweatpants and I feel like I didn’t look like a proper mom and I started beating up on myself. So typical of what parents do to themselves,” she says in an Instagram video.

Drew says this inspired her to come up with the hashtag #TheWayItLooksToUs and got her “all hopping up with inspiration.” Drew then asked people to think about the way parenthood is supposed to look to them and the way it really is.

And then…she really dove in. Drew shared a drawing of two angelic looking kids, before sharing a video of her kids essentially setting off a powdered sugar bomb inside a house. “We are told to make it look a certain way. But it doesn’t always…,” she wrote.

She followed that up with two photos of herself. In one, she’s all made up and perfect-looking; in the other, she’s in her bathroom, red-faced and crying. “Sure, I can be this with two hours of hair and makeup and amazing photography and lighting. I also feel beautiful after a sweaty workout, But it all takes work!” she wrote. “What I can’t hide is that some days are difficult and not so pretty.”

Drew then got super-candid about working out. “When I look at Instagram, I am made to think I should be at my best self. But most days, I lack consistency due to real life,” she wrote next to a series of photos, including a stock pic of two women working out together.

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