Belton mayor Tiffany Ownbey requests SLED probe into video

Belton mayor Tiffany Ownbey requests SLED probe into video
Belton mayor Tiffany Ownbey requests SLED probe into video

An attorney for an Upstate mayor confirms that the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division has launched an investigation into an incident involving the mayor, saying she is a victim after a secretly-recorded video was released.

SLED confirmed to Webtopnews that the investigation involves the unauthorized release of a video involving Belton mayor Tiffany Ownbey. We reached out to Ownbey, and her attorney responded with more details.

Druanne White, attorney with the White, Davis, and White Law Firm said in a news release that Ownbey was in a relationship with a man several years ago. According to White, the man used his cell phone to secretly record a private, intimate encounter between he and Ownbey. White says the man later admitted this to Ownbey and threatened to publicly share the video if Ownbey broke up with him. However, White says Ownbey countered by telling the man she’d press charges if he did so.

White says several years then went by without contact between Ownbey and the man. However, when Ownbey was elected mayor, she said she heard rumors that the recording might be released. White says Ownbey immediately requested a SLED investigation, even with the knowledge that it could bring public scrutiny.

White says the video was released, and Ownbey faced victim-shaming from some people. Now, White says Ownbey wants to ensure other women like her aren’t victimized, and to ensure that there are consequences for people who secretly record others without consent. White’s release ends with a call for South Carolina to enact legislation for sexual predatory behavior.

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