British couple murdered in Jamaica ‘tortured, Report

British couple murdered in Jamaica 'tortured, Report
British couple murdered in Jamaica 'tortured, Report
British couple murdered in Jamaica 'tortured, Report
British couple murdered in Jamaica ‘tortured, Report

British couple murdered in Jamaica ‘tortured and set on fire before fleeing house and collapsing dead’.

Detectives in Jamaica are closing in on “persons of interest” in the brutal murders of a British couple — as grim details of their final moments emerged Monday.

The couple were found murdered on Friday near their eight-bedroom home in Mount Pleasant, Jamaica, just weeks after they complained of being caught up in a credit card fraud of more than $66,000.

Sources on the Caribbean island confirmed that Gayle Anderson, 71, had her hair burnt off when she was found dead 20 feet from her luxury retirement home.

The body of her husband-of-55 years Charlie, 74, was discovered more than 130 feet from the eight-bedroom house, down a slope and with burns to the genitals.

Both had face and neck wounds — with locals claiming the pair had been stabbed.

Bafflingly, the couple’s windows had been removed from the outside prior to the murders and the living room had been set alight.

A senior investigative source in Jamaica told The Sun: “We have a lot of strands to put together — some of them we just can’t explain yet.”

“Mrs. Anderson was discovered 20 feet in front of the house and on the couple’s property. She was lying on her back and her body had been partially, although not severely, burned.

“Her hair was burned off, but her face was visible. And her clothes were burned with some material sticking to her body.

“Mr. Anderson was found (more than 130 feet) from the house, but still on the couple’s land. He and his clothing were also burned — it was concentrated around the genitalia area.

“There were pieces of burnt clothing between his body and the house, like he had been on fire and was getting away from the building. He was found towards the end of a long slope. One of the rooms in the house was also burned, their living room which I believe they also used to cook in while they did construction work on another part of the home.”

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