Carol Kirkwood red-faced after BBC Breakfast weather blunder “I’m off!”

Carol Kirkwood red-faced after BBC Breakfast weather blunder "I'm off!"
Carol Kirkwood red-faced after BBC Breakfast weather blunder "I'm off!"

Carol Kirkwood was on hand to share the latest weather updates on BBC Breakfast today, while Dan Walker and Louise Minchin fronted the show and discussed the day’s headlines. However, during one of Carol’s reports, viewers saw the meteorologist struggle to get her words out correctly and light-heartedly mocking herself over her mistake.

The weather reporter explained to viewers whether or not they needed to wrap up warn should they head out today. She said: “Temperatures today getting up to 10 degrees.”

“Yesterday the top…the top temperatures. Excuse me, were in Cardiff and that was 14,” she muttered.

“But still only three degrees in Aberdeen. Overnight we will still have some rain and hill snow across northern England.”

Concluding the forecast, she added: “But it’s really as we head into the weekend we’ll notice a real dip in the temperatures in the south, where it has been so mild.”

Ending her report with a link to the studio, Carol joked: “Lou and Dan I’m off to fix my teeth!”

“Just a cup of tea Carol, you know what it’s like,” Dan remarked.

“A cup of tea appeals the most at this time of the morning,” Louise echoed.

Mocking herself, Carol spoke gibberish before Dan remarked: “Same to you!”

“I know that feeling,” Louise said. “Thanks, Carol see you a bit later.”

After her next forecast, Louise quizzed the meteorologist on whether viewers should expect snow in the coming days.

“Gosh Carol,” the presenter remarked. “So it’s been a big difference in temperatures, hasn’t there?

“And that’s not going to continue then we’re all going to get the cold?”

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