The Chase: Contestant Charan leaves fans in total shock (Watch)

The Chase: Contestant Charan leaves fans in total shock
The Chase: Contestant Charan leaves fans in total shock
The Chase: Contestant Charan leaves fans in total shock
The Chase: Contestant Charan leaves fans in total shock

The Chase contestant Charan leaves viewers baffled after passing on almost every question.

The Chase contestants are normally used to the rules of the game for the ITV quiz show, and that includes all the rounds and chasers.

Yet today’s gripping show saw Charan, a technology teacher for those with sight-impairment, appear to get seriously struck with nerves.

The second contestant to step up to the cash builder round, Charan managed to answer one question correctly to put £1,000 in the prize fund.

Yet after that, the player said “pass” at almost every single other question, getting faster and faster as the time slipped away.

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In two questions, the contestant even answered “pass” before host Bradley Walsh had even begun to ask, clearly suffering from severe nerves.

As the round came to a close, an almost speechless Bradley, 57, finally said: “Well I think you passed on a few.”

While the jokey comment elicited a laugh from the team’s remaining players and the audience, Charan failed to see the funny side and seemed filled with disappointment.

Deciding to take £500 at the table against chaser Jenny Ryan, who is also known as The Vixen, Charan failed to outrun her opponent and was sent home.

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Taking to Twitter in droves, viewers couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed on the show.

“What on earth is going on on #TheChase,” one baffled fan said.

Another wrote: “I’m not quite sure if Charan has caught the gist of this game! #GangOfChase #thechase.”

“Fu**ing wait for the fu**ing question ffs #thechase,” a third raged.

While a fourth exclaimed: “Stop saying PASS!! FFS! #TheChase,” followed by: “PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS #THECHASE.”

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“I’m sure she PASSED once before Bradley got the first word out #thechase,” one viewer declared.

Another added: “Feeling uneasy at that lass on The Chase passing every question before they’ve even been read.”

However, others commended Charan for her efforts with one viewer making a very good point.

They wrote: “Poor Charan, she obviously panicked hence she passed before hearing any question through. She must have done okay at the audition to get through.”



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