Chicken fitted with ‘wheelchair’ so it can walk (Photo)

Chicken fitted with ‘wheelchair’ so it can walk (Photo)
Chicken fitted with ‘wheelchair’ so it can walk (Photo)

An overweight chicken who can’t stand anymore is getting a second change from animal rescuers in Oklahoma after being fitted with a custom wheelchair.

Though this story is a bit unusual, so are the stories of most of the animals at Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

Milo, the puppy born was born with upside down paws and after a successful surgery, the farm rescue and sanctuary shared his story around the world.

“We saved a puppy, and we were heroes. We save a chicken, and people think that maybe we’re nuts. But, that’s OK,” said Jennie Hays, of Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

This may be a bit odd, but Jenny Hays and her team are determined to save this bird named ‘Colorado.’

It’s a name that comes with a story.

That’s where Hays says the Cornish Hen was rescued from a defunct factory farm.

“There were – I think it was 13,000 chickens that needed to find a place to go,” Hays said.

Oliver and Friends took in 25 very sick chickens with the help of a Colorado Animal Sanctuary named ‘Luvin Arms.’

Though it may be hard to believe, Colorado and her friends are only a few months old.

“It’s all about production, so the faster they grow and the bigger they grow, that makes more money,” Hays said.

Colorado’s legs could no longer support her.

Hays considered euthanasia.

That is, until Jenny’s husband got on Google, saw a chicken in a wheelchair and started building.

“So, ever since she’s got the wheelchair, her sparkle’s back,” Hays said.

They are now focused on keeping all the chickens at a healthy weight through exercised and diet.

“We honestly believe here at Oliver and Friends that every animal deserves the chance to live their best life as pain-free as possible,” Hays said.

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