Coronavirus Australia Updates: ‘Frightened, vulnerable’ Aussies stranded overseas slam Government

Coronavirus Australia Updates: 'Frightened, vulnerable' Aussies stranded overseas slam Government
Coronavirus Australia Updates: 'Frightened, vulnerable' Aussies stranded overseas slam Government

Desperate Australians stranded overseas have rounded on the Morrison Government over the restrictive travel cap which is preventing them from coming home, as they run out of both money and faith in their homeland.

Several have today told a Senate Select Committee on COVID-19, claiming they have been abandoned by Australian authorities, saying they’ve had virtually no help at all in their attempts to get back to Australia.

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There are about 35,700 Australians still struggling to get home, many booking flights which are subsequently cancelled.

Peta Stoyanovich-Kristie, from Melbourne, told of the plight of her husband Luke and her mother-in-law who have been trapped in Serbia.

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Luke went to Serbia in July after his father passed away, so he could bring his elderly mother, who struggles to speak English, back to Australia.

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“She was frightened, vulnerable and in desperate need of assistance, knowing the journey home was not something she could manage independently”, Ms Stoyanovich-Kristie told the committee.

They were due to return in August but their flights have been cancelled or re-scheduled four times.


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