Coronavirus US Updates: California reports new case record

Coronavirus US Updates: California reports new case record
Coronavirus US Updates: California reports new case record

California reported a new case record Friday with 22,018 more COVID-19 cases.

The state reported an additional 145 deaths.

Across California, 9,948 COVID-19 patients are in hospitals — an increase of 246 from Thursday.

The 14-day average positivity rate stands at 7.3%.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that a stay-at-home order will go into effect in any region where the ICU capacity falls below 15%. The two closest regions so far are Northern California, which has 18.6% capacity remaining, and the San Joaquin Valley, which has 19.7% remaining.

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– Pence says US is maybe ‘a week and a half away’ from vaccine approval

At a roundtable discussion at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC Director Robert Redfield said he’s “optimistic that the FDA will get authorized vaccines within the next several weeks and distribution work can begin.”

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Vice President Mike Pence, who joined him at the meeting, added, “We are maybe, Bob, just a week and a half away from what will be the likely approval of the first coronavirus vaccine.”

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Pence added, “Within 48 hours from the FDA approval, we could be vaccinating people literally in all 50 states and territories all across the country.”

Pence said that a vaccine won’t likely be available for every American until “spring or early summer.”


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