Coronavirus USA Updates: CDC releases ‘decision tools’ to guide reopenings

Coronavirus USA Updates: CDC releases 'decision tools' to guide reopenings
Coronavirus USA Updates: CDC releases 'decision tools' to guide reopenings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Thursday six one-page documents to help guide schools, restaurants, mass transit and other businesses to reopen safely while protecting against the spread of the virus.

The six pages include details for how schools, child care programs, camps, restaurants and bars, mas transit and workplaces should reopen.

All of the documents require the establishments to comply with local health officials’ orders and to be able to protect higher risk employees. Schools, child care and camps require screening of children and employees for symptoms and exposure history.

The Associated Press reported that the six documents are much shorter than more extensive reopening guidelines that the CDC had prepared but that the Trump administration delayed. Those documents give businesses and other establishments more detailed instructions, the AP reported.

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