Coronavirus USA Updates: Chicago ramps up contact tracing

Coronavirus USA Updates: Chicago ramps up contact tracing
Coronavirus USA Updates: Chicago ramps up contact tracing

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday that the city is ramping-up community-level contact tracing with a new $56 million request for proposal (RFP) to expand contact tracing.

Lightfoot said 85% of the funds will be directed to support at least 30 organizations that are neighborhood-based or service residents most impacted by COVID-19.

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At least 600 people will join the contact tracing team, the mayor said.

Chicago has over 42,000 cases of COVID-19. Illinois has over 110,000 cases.

– Over 600 TSA employees test positive

A total of 614 TSA employees have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the agency.

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More than 400 of those employees have since recovered from the virus. Six TSA employees have died from the virus.

The TSA last week said it’s rolling out adjusted rules for traveling during the pandemic.

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Flyers are now permitted to bring a hand sanitizer container that’s up to 12 ounces in their carry-on bags.

Also, instead of handing their paper or electronic boarding pass over to the TSA officer, travelers can place the boarding pass directly on the scanner.


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