Coronavirus USA Updates: Cuomo releases results from NY antibody tests

Coronavirus USA Updates: Cuomo releases results from NY antibody tests
Coronavirus USA Updates: Cuomo releases results from NY antibody tests

About 13.9% of the 3,000 New Yorkers who were part of randomized antibody tests in the state were infected and developed an antibody, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo announced the data at his daily press briefing, but noted it is preliminary. The data was collected over two days in 19 counties and 40 localities across New York from people who were out in public.

Of the 13.9%, the data showed that more men tested positive, despite making up a smaller portion of the study.

The data also gave some insight into the regions where infection is spreading: New York City has the highest rate of positive antibody results, with residents accounting for 43% of the study and making up 21.2% of the positive tests. Long Island accounted for 14.4% of the study and made up 16.7% of the positive tests, while Westchester and Rockland Counties accounted for 9.8% of the study and made up 11.7% of the positive tests. The rest of the state accounted for 32.8% of the study and made up 3.6% of the positive tests.

In terms of a racial breakdown, white people were the largest group tested in the study, at 57.1%, but had the lowest positive results at 9.1%. The groups that had the three highest positive tests were multi/none/other (22.8%), Hispanic and Latino (22.5%), and black people (22.1%). Asian people had a positive test percentage of 11.7%.

Cuomo, extrapolating the data, said it’s likely 2.7 million people in the state have been infected, with a death rate of 0.5%.

He also said the current death toll of 15,302 is not accurate because it does not include people who died at home and those who were never tested for COVID-19.

Cuomo added that more testing needed to be done among the African American and Hispanic community.

More testing and surveys will continue in the state, Cuomo said, with plans to expand the size.

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