Coronavirus USA Updates: Minnesota’s governor allows places of worship to open

Coronavirus USA Updates: Minnesota's governor allows places of worship to open
Coronavirus USA Updates: Minnesota's governor allows places of worship to open

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced that starting Wednesday, he will allow places of worship to reopen at 25% capacity if they adhere to social distancing and other public health guidelines.

Walz also announced that COVID-19 cases are still climbing and may not reach the peak until summer.

The state’s health commissioner said there was an increase of 847 positive coronavirus cases Friday — the highest daily total. There have been 19,845 positive cases in the state thus far.

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– Arkansas has 2nd wave of COVID-19 infections

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced on Saturday that the state is having a second peak of COVID-19 infections.

“It’s clear and evident to me that we have had one peak and we had a dip and now we are having a second peak right now and really they are 30 days apart,” said Hutchinson, adding that it isn’t “all that bad.”

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Hutchinson said the state is doing more testing “that allows our contact tracing to be more effective, quicker, and more responsive to the cases we see.”

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The rate of positive cases are around 5% — the national average is 10%, said Hutchinson.

“This data means that there are still positive people out there and we can’t be casual in our interactions,” the governor said.


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