Dead Baby Wakes Up At Funeral In India, Report

Dead Baby Wakes Up At Funeral India
Dead Baby Wakes Up At Funeral India
Dead Baby Wakes Up At Funeral India
Dead Baby Wakes Up At Funeral India

A BABY woke up at its own funeral after being declared dead by medics in India.

An Indian hospital fired two doctors after a baby they pronounced dead woke up on the way to his own funeral.

Shortly after twins were born prematurely at a hospital in New Delhi, India, doctors in charge of their care determined that one of the boys was stillborn, while the other was put on life support and declared dead shortly thereafter. But while the parents were on their way to a crematorium they noticed that one of their babies was actually alive. The “unfortunate incident” occurred Thursday, according to the USA Today.

“We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident,” the hospital said in a statement USA Today reported. “We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support.”

One of 14 “Max Healthcare Super Specialty” hospitals, the hospital boasts of world-class healthcare services. “Our experts have treated 2.8+ million patients over 130 nationalities. Our hospitals are equipped with state-of-art … machines to ensure that you have access to all medical facilities,” its website says.

“There is definitely a mistake,” Indian Medical Association President Dr. Aggarwal, told Asian News International. “The difference between a mistake and negligence is deliberate action. I don’t think any doctor will do it willfully,” he added.

The hospital noted that while the termination of employment for two of the hospital’s doctors reflects a “commitment to higher standards of care,” it is not a statement which finds the doctors at fault. After reviewing the case, the Indian Medical Association noted that body metabolism can be temporarily suspended due to a lack of oxygen, giving the appearance of death.

The major misstep comes after doctors at another hospital in India found that a 52-year-old woman had been carrying an aborted baby in her abdomen for 15 years according to Life News Friday.

New Delhi police are continuing to review hospital records as well as video footage from the twins’ birth to better understand how the doctor’s arrived at the conclusion.

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