Derren Brown: TV ad ‘too scary’

Derren Brown: TV ad ‘too scary’
Derren Brown: TV ad ‘too scary’
Derren Brown: TV ad ‘too scary’
Derren Brown: TV ad ‘too scary’

Christmas advert for new Derren Brown ride at Thorpe Park is banned.

The trailer for illusionist Brown’s Ghost Train was due to be aired between 6pm and 7pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But Clearcast – who monitor ads before they are broadcast – ruled it could not be aired before the 9pm watershed as it contains “scenes of threat or horror”.

The 15-second promo clip, which has already been viewed over 1,000 times, asks viewers to count how many white bunnies are on a train track.

A demonic monster then pops up on the screen.

After seeing it on social media several people turned to Twitter to express their shock at the advert – ‏@Gabbb3h said: “I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK.”

While ‏@HBD_Real_Nimrod said: “Imma just go and cry in a corner and never look at bunnies. Cool. (It’s 19 btw).”

And ‏@mollie_mulheran said: “that actually made me jump lol.”

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