Dog With Human Face goes viral on Twitter

Dog With Human Face goes viral on Twitter
Dog With Human Face goes viral on Twitter
Dog With Human Face goes viral on Twitter
Dog With Human Face goes viral on Twitter

Dog with human face is freaking out the internet.

Yogi, a 1-year-old Shih-Poo who lives with his owner, Chantal Desjardins, in New England in the USA, has an especially unique quality most dog owners can’t relate to: he has the face of a damn human being. Chantal told POPSUGAR she wasn’t the one who noticed the uncanny resemblance — it was her friends on social media, of course.

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“I’m actually not the one who realised it! I posted the picture on my Facebook back in December, and my friends were like, ‘Um, he looks like a real person.’ I was just posting it because he and his sister, Darla, got groomed and she rips bows out of her hair so fast!”

As for how Yogi spends his afternoons? Well, it’s definitely in line with your regular dog day. “He loves playing fetch, running around and snuggling.” To make matters even funnier, according to his owner, he’s definitely not fazed one iota by his newfound fame . . . unless it’s in the form of treats, that is. “He slept through his whole interview when it aired on Inside Edition,” said Chantal. “He’s loving the extra cookies him and Darla have been getting for apparently no reason.”

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Can’t argue there. And as for the speculation that the pictures are photoshopped? Totally out of the question! “They’re not at all,” said Chantal. “I’m not that skilled.”


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