Florida mother shoots daughter she thought was intruder, Cops

Florida mother shoots daughter she thought was intruder, Cops
Florida mother shoots daughter she thought was intruder, Cops

A mother shot and killed her daughter late Tuesday night after she mistook her for an intruder, St. Cloud police said.

The sleeping woman woke up when she heard a noise and saw a figure coming towards her late on Tuesday night, said Sgt. Denise Roberts, of the St. Cloud Police Department. The figure was approaching quickly, Roberts said, and didn’t say anything.

“The homeowner fired one round at the subject,” a news release on the shooting states. “The subject was later identified as the homeowner’s daughter.”

The daughter was taken to a hospital, where she died. The mother was also taken to the same hospital, according to the release.

“The homeowner’s story is consistent with the physical evidence and the witness’ statement,” the release states. “At this time, the incident appears to be an accidental shooting; however, the investigation is ongoing and it is considered to be an ‘open investigation.’”

The St. Cloud Police Department asked that media outlets not publish the names of the shooter and her husband, because the man is a police officer who has previously worked undercover. The victim’s mother works as an Osceola County Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatcher, the release states.

A 911 call captured the aftermath of the shooting, which was apparently confusing for those at the scene. In the call, a man can be heard telling a dispatcher that the victim “passed out,” saying she has a pacemaker and a heart problem. A woman later gets on the phone, and struggles to relay information to the dispatcher.

“Baby, I love you so much,” she says. “Please, please … oh my God.”

St. Cloud is located in central Florida, about 35 minutes from Orlando.

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