Florida Waters Infested With Sharks – Video

Florida Waters Infested With Sharks - Video
Florida Waters Infested With Sharks - Video

Tens of thousands of sharks have taken a break from their serious shark studies to congregate off the coast of Florida this week.

The blacktip sharks are being spotted in far greater numbers than usual, clogging the coastline around Palm Beach.

Joking aside, this video posted on the Facebook page FAU Shark Migration shows swarms of blacktip sharks in migration. The sharks, like your parents, prefer Florida’s warmer temperatures when the cold kicks in up north.

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For the past few weeks, Stephen Kajiura, a professor of biological sciences at Florida Atlantic University, has been photographing the sharks around West Palm Beach from high above, posting the draw-dropping photos and videos online.

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Kajiura and his student researchers are photographing and tagging sharks in hopes of better understanding their movements.

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