Freezing rain Quebec: ‘Travel not recommended’ in big, icy storm

Freezing rain Quebec: 'Travel not recommended' in big, icy storm
Freezing rain Quebec: 'Travel not recommended' in big, icy storm

Overnight freezing rain is set to give way to heavy rain, then potentially snow for many across southern Quebec Friday. More on how this will impact early holiday travel plans and why this washes out any hopes for a white Christmas, below.

Freezing rain was set to arrive in the 10 p.m. – 12 a.m. window for areas of southern Quebec, including Gatineau and Montreal. A few hours of freezing rain is possible for the major cities Thursday overnight.

Waking up on Friday morning, places like Gatineau, Ottawa and Montreal will have likely already transitioned to rain, but areas further north along the St. Lawrence, including Quebec City, may still be experiencing freezing rain.

“By Friday afternoon all of southern Quebec will be seeing straight rain and the rain could become moderate to heavy at times,” says Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg. “This is not just some passing showers.”

Moderate rain is expected to continue across central and southern Quebec through the day Friday while parts of northern Quebec will be picking up moderate snowfall.

“The dividing line between the rain and snow could bring some ice pellets and freezing rain, which on Friday will be passing through the lower north shore of Quebec,” Sonnenburg says.

Temperatures will soar into the double digits for parts of the Eastern Townships on Friday, returning to subfreezing daytime highs for the weekend.

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