Has Heather Childers left fox news, Report

Has Heather Childers left fox news, Report
Has Heather Childers left fox news, Report

CNN reports that Fox News has parted ways with morning anchor Heather Childers after she apparently alarmed colleagues by arriving at work sick just as the coronavirus crisis exploded in mid-March. According to CNN, Childers was benched after hosting Fox & Friends First while visibly sick on March 18. She would host the following day but that would be her last on-air appearance.

“But Fox executives were angry that she came to work while visibly ill, according to a source with knowledge of the matter. That’s why she was sidelined beginning on March 20,” according to CNN. A Fox News spokesperson, meanwhile, confirmed to The Daily Beast that “Fox News and Heather Childers have parted ways.” After she was sent home in March, Childers repeatedly took to Twitter to publicly lobby the network to let her back on the air. She repeatedly noted that she had tested negative for coronavirus and hadn’t shown any symptoms. Childers even attempted to draw President Donald Trump’s attention to the matter, directly tweeting to him: “Can I go back to work?”

Earlier this month, after she was no longer affiliated with the network, she removed all Fox News references from her social-media profiles and began tweeting about Fox’s right-wing competitors.

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