Houston’s water boil notice has now been lifted, Report

Houston's water boil notice has now been lifted, Report
Houston's water boil notice has now been lifted, Report

After an 8-foot diameter water main pipe burst in east Houston Thursday, sparking a days-long boil water advisory, city officials said Saturday it is no longer necessary to boil your water.

So what now? Now that boil water notice is lifted, here’s what Houston residents should do, according to the city’s health department:

Flush water systems by running all hot water faucets in your home for at least five minutes. Run every cold water faucet for five minutes. Finally, clean faucet screens.

Clean water line strainers on mechanical dish-washing and glass washing machines and run three complete cycles prior to use.

Clean automatic ice makers by by following the manufacturer‘s instructions. Make and discarding three batches of ice.

Flush, clean and sanitize all equipment and fixtures with water line connections – post-mix beverage machines, spray misters, steam kettles, coffee or tea urns, sinks and other equipment with water connections in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle.

Run drinking fountains continuously for two minutes to flush the system.

Clean and sanitize all fixtures and sinks connected to water lines.

Change out all filters after water lines have been flushed.

The water main that ruptured Thursday provides up to half the city’s water. Mayor Sylvester Turner said a City of Houston contractor was onsite doing exploratory work for a City of Houston water line project when soil was moved from the the 96-inch water line and it burst.

The rupture lowered water pressure in areas throughout the city, prompting the closure of several schools and businesses. Restaurants without water were ordered to cease operations immediately by the city’s health department. Officials said Saturday morning water pressure readings were normal.

Turner said repairs will likely continue through the weekend.


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