Huntsman Spider Duels with Wasp (Video)

Huntsman Spider Duels with Wasp
Huntsman Spider Duels with Wasp

On Christmas Day an Australian family watched on as a huntsman spider and a huge wasp went wing to toe against each other in a battle that ultimately resulted in death. If that doesn’t sum up 2020, nothing else will:

The dramatic footage was filmed in Sydney, Australia, when the family were trying to enjoy a festive lunch but the creepy crawly clash distracted them.

In the clip, one of the family members asks: “Who’s winning?” Before another says: “We can’t interfere with nature.”

As the wasp was on top of the spider it was able to repeatedly sting it (I can only assume) as the huntsman’s legs suddenly became slower until they stopped moving altogether. Ouch.

The family could be heard saying: “It’s done, it’s done. The legs are curling,” before they realised that the wasp was also hurt as well.

The wasp looks to be struggling… and walking in circles. Someone can be heard on the clip saying: “Oh no, no one wins,” before asking: “Do huntsman’s have any kind of venom in there though?” To which a woman replies: “They can bite though, can’t they?” This is like porn to a science teacher, surely?

The family member that uploaded the clip, wrote: “It was Christmas afternoon in Sydney, Australia, and me and my family were enjoying our lunch outside, when just out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a large huntsman spider lunge out of the near by bush and on top of a wasp that was stalking it.

“Just as they started to fight each other to the death, I got my phone out and managed to capture the whole event!”

Were not sure the wasp would have had much of a chance against the huntsman spider that was living in Jake Gray’s house for a year.

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