James Evans: Gardener wins £3MILLION on lottery

James Evans: Gardener wins £3MILLION on lottery
James Evans: Gardener wins £3MILLION on lottery
James Evans: Gardener wins £3MILLION on lottery
James Evans: Gardener wins £3MILLION on lottery

James Evans and JoJo Smith, Lottery winners from New Romney reveal where they got their £3 million ticket.

A Kent couple are set to splash out on a new life… thanks to a chance conversation and a convenient parking space.

James Evans and his partner JoJo Smith are celebrating a whopping £3m win on the National Lottery Scratchcard.

But it was a chance conversation that led to James making the bet.

James said after receiving his jackpot today: “A mate needed a hand moving some hardcore and I agreed to help.

“As we were working we got chatting about the challenges of starting out in business and cashflow.

“We actually spoke about a local lad who won on a scratchcard and joked that a nice little win like that would mean I could buy a new digger and trailer.”

Inspired by the conversation, James decided to treat himself to a couple of scratchcards if there was a parking space outside his local shop.

He said: “Amazingly there was a space right outside, so I took this as a sign, popped in and bought my scratchcards and a drink.”

The first one didn’t yield a win, but the second one netted him the £3m win.

James’s scratchcard was bought at Spar on New Romney High Street.

But it took a while before he could convince partner JoJo of his win. A full-time baker, she told him to stop joking and said she had to get off to work.

Now the couple are hoping to live their Cornish dream of setting up a business, but James also has other plans for the cash.

He said: ” I’m going to buy mum a bungalow on the banks of the Tamar River and look at hiring a villa in Ibiza so we can treat friends and family to one hell of a holiday in the sun.

“And if England make it to the finals, a few of us may also be heading to Russia, but that particular adventure is in the hands of fate.

“Mind you, luck and fate have gone in my favour recently, so maybe Moscow does await!”

Other plans for the win include his and hers Mercedes, an A45 AMG for him and a GLS to replace JoJo’s 16-year-old car, and holidays to visit Thailand’s Phi Phi island.

James said about the move to Cornwall: “We’ve always dreamt about moving to Cornwall and, in fact, that’s what we were slowly working towards, now thanks to the win our daydream has been fast forwarded at warp speed!”

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