Jaxon: Idaho dog named town’s ‘Hometown Hero’

Jaxon: Idaho dog named town's 'Hometown Hero'
Jaxon: Idaho dog named town's 'Hometown Hero'

Jaxon, an 11-year-old pug, woke up his family after a fire started, The city of Meridian, Idaho, awarded him the “Hometown Hero” award for his actions.

Jaxon was the first in his home to notice sparks coming from at outlet inside their home. He took action the best he could and the family’s happy he did.

With a wagging tail, a big appetite and a fan base, the heroic canine strutted his way through Meridian City Hall Tuesday to receive the “Hometown Hero Award.”

This pup earned well deserved praise for saving his family from a fire.

Mikaela Sebree, Jaxon’s owner, said the fire could have destroyed their home were it not for the pug’s bark that told them something was wrong.

“Dogs have different kinds of barks, so he has his ‘somebody’s at the door’ bark and then he has his ‘holy crap something’s happening’ bark,” Sebree said.

Sebree’s husband rushed down stairs to find sparks quickly turning into flames around an electrical outlet. After knocking the flames down with a fire extinguisher the Meridian Fire Department arrived.

They too said this canine prevented a lot of destruction.

Laura F. Nixon

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