KC Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicks girl (Watch Video)

KC Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicks girl (Watch Video)
KC Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicks girl (Watch Video)
KC Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicks girl (Watch Video)
KC Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicks girl (Watch Video)

KC Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicks girl (Watch Video).

Video footage published Friday shows Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt shoving and kicking a woman in a hallway.

The video of Hunt, obtained and published by TMZ Sports, is related to a February 2018 altercation on an early Saturday morning at The Metropolitan at the 9, Hunt’s hotel apartment in downtown Cleveland. Police were called and a report was previously made, but video footage was not available until it was published by TMZ.

In the video, Hunt is seen coming out of a room and talking to a woman off camera. When she approached him, he shoved her. When another man came out of the hotel room and tried to intervene, Hunt continued to lunge toward the woman. As more people came into the hallway, Hunt had to be restrained several times as he made advances toward the woman and other people. At one point, he appeared to knock two people over with a shove, including the woman he initially shoved. At the end of the video, Hunt kicks the woman as she’s crouched on the ground.

The Chiefs have not commented on the video, and the NFL did not take any action against Hunt after the altercation was reported to police in February.

No charges have been filed stemming from the altercation, which occurred on Feb. 10, but two police reports were created. In one report, 19-year-old Ottinger is listed as a suspect, and in another Hunt is listed as a suspect.

Ottinger told police that Hunt “shoved and pushed her.”

According to one of the police reports, Ottinger and a friend told police they were Kent State students and were traveling to Cleveland bars with Hunt and his friends on a party bus. According to the police reports, Ottinger and her friend went back to Hunt’s hotel apartment, and Hunt’s friend told police that he kicked the girls out of the apartment when he learned they were 19. Ottinger told police they were kicked out because she “didn’t want” one of the men in the group. The man was not specifically identified.

TMZ also published a 15-second body cam video Friday of a shirtless Hunt talking to police.

Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt addressed the February police report involving Hunt during training camp.

“The team is made up of a bunch of young men,” Clark Hunt said. “They’re not always going to make the best decisions, but we have a strong support system both with the coaching staff and with our player development department that works with young guys and talks to them about the situations that they want to be in. Kareem is a young man, second year in the league, obviously had a very big year on the field last year. I’m sure he learned some lessons this offseason and hopefully won’t be in those kinds of situations in the future.”

Asked at training camp about his offseason, Kareem Hunt didn’t elaborate much.

“Just be in the right place at the right time,” he said then. “I’m going to keep thinking about football and go out there and do my job.”

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