LaMia Flight 2933: fuel suspected in crash?

LaMia Flight 2933: fuel suspected in crash?
LaMia Flight 2933: fuel suspected in crash?
LaMia Flight 2933: fuel suspected in crash?
LaMia Flight 2933: fuel suspected in crash?

LaMia Flight 2933 crash – No fuel at all has been found in the area around the wreckage of a plane that’s crashed in Colombia.

There were 81 people on board when it went down just 50 kilometres away from its destination, in Medellin. 75 have died.

Colombia correspondent Manuel Rueda told Mike Hosking there are two theories about what happened. The first – an electrical failure, the second – that it ran out of fuel.

“This is why these people didn’t find fuel near the plane and why there wasn’t a big explosion.

“The fuselage had sort of broken and then spun around an area of about 100 metres wide, but there wasn’t a big explosion, so maybe that’s also what saved these six people who have survived.”

The charter flight was carrying a Brazilian first division football team, as well as its officials and more than 20 journalists, that was set to play in the finals of a regional tournament.

Colombia correspondent Antonia Ekland told Rachel Smalley the match was going to be a big deal for the Chapecoense side.

“It’s the first time the club has reached the final of a major South American club competition, so there had been huge excitement about this trip and about this game that they were going to play, but it’s obviously turned into a huge tragedy.”

The final will now not be played the title will be awarded to Chapecoense in tribute.

Ekland said the scene at the mountainous crash site is just awful. She said it’s in the Colombian jungle and there was a lot of rain – but it’s not clear if the weather had any effect on what happened.

She said it was just minutes away from the airport when it crashed.

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