Latest on UK Coronavirus: Baby and nine-month-old boy get COVID-19

Latest on UK Coronavirus: Baby and nine-month-old boy get COVID-19
Latest on UK Coronavirus: Baby and nine-month-old boy get COVID-19

A BABY and nine-month-old boy have been diagnosed with coronavirus as the killer bug continues to sweep the UK.

In the first case, nine-month-old Cassian Coates was rushed to hospital by his worried parents because he had a cold and fever.

His parents, Myroslava and Callum Caotes, were then stunned when staff put a “big sign up” near them which read “suspected case”.

She said a nurse walked past them in Manchester and gave them the terrifying news by saying: “Yeah, that’s you guys”.

Cassian, who is just nine-months-old, was then assessed by a doctor who confirmed he had the symptoms and said: “Yeah, it’s the coronavirus strand.”

The news of Cassian’s diagnosis came just hours before a baby at the James Paget University Hospital in Norfolk was confirmed to have the killer bug.

The baby was one of three patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 at the hospital in Great Yarmouth and the trio remain in isolation.


Describing the moment her son was diagnosed in Manchester, Mrs Coates told Sky News: “When we got to the hospital, we had to go through special measures and ring a certain number for them to let us in.

“The waiting room actually had a big sign up saying ‘suspected case’.

“Me and my husband were like ‘oh my God’, then a nurse walked past and said ‘yeah, that’s you guys’.

“We went in, then the doctor came in with a mask on, did some basic checks, temperature, checked his ears and said ‘yeah, it’s the coronavirus strand’.”

Mrs Coates, a mum-of-one, admitted she and her husband first laughed when they were told as they were in disbelief that her son had the killer bug.

The family is now in self-isolation at home and she is racking her brains as to how Cassian caught the disease.

She added: “We wondered where he caught it because my husband and I are both fine.

“I did panic but I cannot express how fantastic and reassuring our GP was. They said that with children this age they are diagnosing by symptoms.

“We were told to go home to self-isolate for two weeks and keep giving him Calpol as if it was a cold.

“There are peaks and troughs but thankfully Cassian is over the worst of it.”


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