Long-lost sisters reunite for first time in 50 years

Long-lost sisters reunite for first time in 50 years
Long-lost sisters reunite for first time in 50 years

An East Texas woman was hoping for a different kind of present this season, one of family that she had not seen in 50 years.

It’s the story of two sisters, separated by adoption when they were babies.

For years Michelle Crocker of Daingerfield had been searching for a long lost member of her family. Her sister.

“My birth sister. I did have to know, I wanted to know. I was told I was put up for adoption at an early age, my parents told me when I was 12 years old that I was adopted,” she says.

Both adopted 50 years ago when they were babies, there was no photo evidence to go on. Then a private investigator turned up a woman in North Dakota 2 years ago.

“My other sister hired an investigator to find her and and they were found within a week I think. It was a thrill, I have a sister out there, I have family,” says Michelle.

And Sunday as a car pulled into Crockers yard, 50 years melted away. Melissa Shoaf got out of the car and hugged a sister she had never seen.

“The minute I seen her I knew that was my sister,” Crocker says.

“It was very emotional. I think when she sent me a picture of herself, it was like seeing, knowing she was my first sister,” says Shoaf.

“I was so excited, thrilled. Happy,” Michelle says.

“The best feeling I ever had, wanting to be here for so long, and finally do it,” says Melissa.

The sisters are planning on going to the riverboats in Shreveport to spend time together, before Melissa goes back to North Dakota.

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