Louise Fischer: Journalist has sex during radio interview for swingers club feature

Louise Fischer: Journalist has sex during radio interview for swingers club feature
Louise Fischer: Journalist has sex during radio interview for swingers club feature

We know about method acting – when an actor fully immerses themselves in the character they’re playing – but how about method reporting?

One journalist in Denmark apparently gave it a go during a broadcast about a swingers club by having sex with a man she was interviewing.

Louise Fischer, 26, could be heard moaning as she chatted to the participant during the two-minute segment that aired on Danish national radio.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, that definitely made it a lot easier,” Fischer told the German newspaper Bild, according to a translation by The Daily Mail.

“My mother just thinks it’s funny and laughs, my father thought it was really cool.”

However, Fischer also admitted her dalliance at the Swingland club, near Copenhagen, wasn’t the “best sex of her life.”

The X-rated interview took place in March to mark the site’s reopening following the country’s relaxation of Covid lockdown restrictions and soon went viral on social media.

Denmark’s Radio 4 reshared the report last week, stating in the caption: “Warning: It got hot and wet for both our reporter and the guests.”

Discussing the reactions to the… unique segment, Fischer admitted that it had proved divisive.

“Most of [the responses] were very positive, they thought it was brave and cool,” she reportedly said.

“Others think that I’ve crossed a line in journalism.”

The 26-year-old explained that she spent several hours with guests at the club, even though the report only lasted minutes.

During her time there, they all sat and talked together over a glass of wine at the bar before moving to a large bed.

Fischer said she hadn’t planned to have sex during the broadcast, but added: “For me, it’s very natural. It is part of my job to give an insight into a world that not everyone has access to.”

She said it “relaxed the guests” who were initially reluctant to take part in the interviews and seemed nervous around her microphones.

During the segment, she can be heard speaking to her interviewees while others pant in the background.

Later, she asked one male guest about his experiences at Swingland as the pair audibly had sex.

Radio 4’s head of news Tina Kragelund told Danish site BT that the station backed the reporter’s move.

“I feel like I just think it’s cool when the journalists try to make the stories in a different way,” she said.

Fischer has insisted that it was a “great experience”, and she would “maybe” be up for it again.

“Yes, I enjoyed it, even though it wasn’t the best sex of my life,” she said.

“But the men in this club are very polite and very considerate. I felt like a goddess. They make you feel very special.”

We can’t imagine BBC Radio 4 airing a similar broadcast but maybe Fischer’s story will embolden one brave reporter, who knows…

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