Malta rescues 112 migrants after 48-hour wait

Malta rescues 112 migrants after 48-hour wait
Malta rescues 112 migrants after 48-hour wait

The Armed Forces of Malta have rescued 112 migrants stuck outside Malta.

The boat carrying migrants had been stranded at sea for around 48 hours, before being brought in at the Boiler Wharf in Isla at around 11 am.

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Humanitarian NGO Alarm Phone took to twitter to criticise Maltese authorities for leaving the migrants out at sea.

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“The people were at sea and in distress for 48 hours. We condemn these cruel delays that could have been lethal!” the NGO said.

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Alarm Phone also said that another boat with 49 people is still unaccounted for.

In the first months of 2020, more than 1000 migrants have been rescued by Malta.


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