Man buys $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies, Details

Man buys $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies, Report
Man buys $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies, Report

Most people will go the extra mile just to score a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies. But a man in South Carolina recently went the extra mile for the little girls who sell the cookies.

CNN reports that an unidentified good Samaritan came across two little girls, Emerson and Maya, selling cookies outside of a store in Greenville in 34-degree weather. The man bought 7 boxes for $40 and then walked away. But shortly after, he returned and bought the rest of the girls’ stock, to the tune of $540, just to get them out of the cold.

Cookie manager Kayla Dillard told CNN the girls had been selling cookies for two hours before the man showed up. “We all were shocked,” she said. “The girls were very excited and thankful.”

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